California - Jessica Dyer Photography
Fluffy Hummingbird

Fluffy Hummingbird

A puffed-up hummingbird on a branch in Topanga, CA.

This seems to be either an Allen's Hummingbird or a Rufous Hummingbird, but the bird books say those two are notoriously hard to tell apart, so I can narrow it down that far but I can't be sure between those two species.

Note: You can crop this when ordering a print. I'd recommend that if you're ordering a small print, you crop in closer on the hummingbird, and if you're ordering a large print, you leave the wide crop. Feel free to email me if you'd like me to make a cropping choice for you based on what size print you want.

The lens info for this photo is showing up incorrectly on SmugMug: It was actually shot with a Sony a6000 and 55-210mm telephoto lens, not with a 35mm lens.

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